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The Grogu Star Wars Mitten Bags are a new 2022 Tour Fundraiser design that know everyone will love. Keep your hands dry and show support for universal love on the course with your Grogu Star Wars Mitten Bag.

Mitten Bag’s calculated mixture of extremely moisture absorbing powder and clay stone is what makes them the best hand drying bags on the market.  Mitten Bags are ready to use, yet will only continue to get better as the clay stones break down into a finer powder!  The unique mitten shape is designed to fit nicely in the palm of your hands while absorbing sweat or rain.    Every bag has a tab on the top to give you the option to hang from your bag or cart.  Mitten Bags are handmade in the USA with top of the line equipment, by a professional seamstress with 20+ years sewing experience.

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Weight .29 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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