Hi friends, I am Cooper the dog!


   My mother is my best friend, we have been together for along time… like 76 dogs years (15 human years)! She found me at the back of a pet store when she was in 10th grade and I was just a pup; no one wanted me because I was a runt and they thought I would have health issues, but my mother knew I was special. Little did anyone know, I would be the most healthy and energetic chihuahua ever! 


   We have been everywhere together.  We moved out when Lauren finished high school and we went to college. We moved a lot when mother was working in Minneapolis, but I did have a lot of cool roommates (besides Motley the cat.. he always attacked my tail). When Lauren met Alex is when we really started going on adventures!


   One of my favorite things to do is watch Alex and Lauren play disc golf. I don’t like putting practice that is SO BORING… I want to sniff around the course! I am so small and quiet on the course I have to wear a collar that jingles so they can find me; I’m usually under a tree in the shade or right behind mother’s feet. Back when I was a younger man, but still on the verge of old…. I would chase a golf cart around High Bridge Hills Disc Golf Course for 2 whole rounds a day! Man was I tired, but those were the bestest days! Now that I am a “geriatric” dog, thanks to the Vet for calling me old; I love to walk for some of the round if the ground is soft enough for my paws, but sometimes I get tired and my mother or Alex has to carry me. I’m old, I can do that!


   Now I am  nearly 80 years old,  I travel the country smelling all the good smells of the road! I pee on trees and things near and far. I bet no dog has ever “marked” as many things I have. Sometimes mother says “I have nothing left in the tank and I’m not doing anything”…. hasn’t she ever heard of “air marking?” I’ll come back when I refuel!


   Alex and my mother love me very much! They made a Disc Golf Pin with me on it and a Disc Golf Stamp of them riding me, like Falkor from The Neverending story (did you just sing that like I did?). I think that the stamp of them riding me is funny because I catch a ride with them most of the time! When Alex and mother are vending they always say that they are selling Cooper stuff so I can pay for my food and rent, but I know they are joking and they love me dearly. 

Thank you all for supporting us on the road, I wouldn’t be able to sniff so many new scents without you all! Stay tuned for my geriatric canine adventures!




   AKA Cooper Dog, Coop-a-loop, Cooper Pooper